Ink and marker on canvas, 260x190 cm, 2018

The space of imagination is isometric, eternal, boundless, without any pole and vanishing point. Disoriented in the imaginary space, fall into the gaps of understanding. These interstices reveal the poetry of constructiveness.

Virgin Territory

sitespecific installation,
black women's stockings, filled with sand,
elastic cords
ca. 8m x 1,70m, 2016

when you load the horizon with weights, an imaginary space opens up: An unseen field of fruits not sown. I called it »virgin territory«

Expect ambiguity

ink and marker on canvas, 190 x 220 cm, 2017

I follow the line on which the meaning falls over

Drawings are multistable. There is no such thing as situational unambiguousness. One moment of recognition is spontaneously replaced by another, for seeing is a process of constant change, in which Perception and interpretation are constantly reorganized.

Where I´m not, it´s beautiful, also

Where I am not, it´s beautiful, also
Ink and marker on canvas, 180x110cm, 2016

You can be here and  somewhere else at the same time.

The horizon is a imaginary line. It splits the ground on which we stand from heaven, the infinite space of possibility. Directly on the horizon line is the longed-for, the opposite, the other bank.
A symmetry axis is a imaginary line. It makes instability stable, creates order in chaos, and above all makes asymmetry visible.  The horizon is an asymmetry axis.